Tyre Stagger Rollout Checker

Sale price$199.99

Introducing our innovative Tyre Stagger Rollout Checker, revolutionizing tyre circumference measurements in your workshop. Say goodbye to tedious walks around half the workshop – our hassle-free solution saves you valuable time. With two roller positions, easily measure both front and rear tyres with precision and efficiency. Crafted from high-quality aluminum rollers with ball bearings, durability and smooth operation are guaranteed. Designed to accommodate 22" wide tyres, it ensures compatibility with a wide range of setups. The dimensions, W = 560mm, H = 102mm, D = 465mm, provide a compact yet functional addition to your workspace. Upgrade your tyre measurement process today with our Tyre Stagger Rollout Checker and experience unparalleled convenience and accuracy. Keywords: Tyre Stagger Rollout Checker, tyre circumference, workshop efficiency, aluminum rollers, ball bearings, precise measurements, time-saving tool.