Torsion/Radius Arm Holder

Sale price$299.99

These holders are extremely versatile, they can be used to store:
Radius arms, Torsion bars, Panhard bars & Steering arms.
  • Two piece design allows you to set holder to your desired height.
  • 51mm holes with rubber grommets (45mm hole) to save your arms from getting scratched.
  • No annoying sliding pieces with fiddly pins.
  • Made from Aluminium & tig welded for strength.
  • Designed to hold up to 12 bars.
Dimensions: W = 775mm, D = 75mm, H = Set to your desired height.
****Sold as a pair****
Note: Can be Powdercoated or fluid coated for extra cost.
Please get a hold of us via the "Contact us" section on website.
Color: Raw Alloy