PitPal Medium Deluxe Wall Cabinet

Sale price$435.00

Introducing the PitPal Medium Deluxe Wall Cabinet, your ultimate storage solution for aerosols and oil containers. With three spacious shelves, this shelf is designed to accommodate quarts of oil and various aerosol products, providing a designated spot for all your essentials. The fold-down tray adds versatility, perfect for holding tools, small parts, and more. Plus, the convenient paper towel holder makes cleanup effortless.

Crafted from durable aluminum, this shelf ensures longevity and reliability. Tig welded joints guarantee extra strength and durability, surpassing the stability of pop riveted or screwed joints. Worried about stability during transport? Fear not, as a locking pin secures the folding table in an upright position for added security.

The dimensions of this shelf are W = 495mm, H = 813mm, D = 172mm, providing ample space for storage. Additionally, the tray boasts an impressive 18kg weight capacity, accommodating your heaviest items with ease. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization with the PitPal Medium Deluxe Wall Cabinet, the perfect complement to your PitPal Medium Deluxe Wall Cabinet.